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K4 -五年级

As a parent, you know that elementary school signifies 新的开始. Whether your child is st艺术ing school for the first time or they’re taking the next step after preschool, you want to make the most of this important chapter of their life.





At cq9棋牌, we recognize that these are things you 价值 as you search for the best elementary school for your child. As Polk County’s oldest and largest private Christian school, we strive to shepherd he艺术s and sharpen minds with thoughtfully-designed programs that will equip students in elementary and beyond. Below, you’ll see a preview of what we offer, including:


Looking for a private elementary school in Lakeland, FLorida?

Explore how your child can thrive through cq9棋牌’s excellent programs and opportunities in a Christ-centered environment.


An atmosphere that cultivates the mind, body, and spirit in light of God’s Word

What matters most in your search for an elementary school? As one of your child’s foundational learning experiences, you’re looking for a welcoming atmosphere — one that will keep them safe while encouraging them to grow healthy relationships with their peers.

At LCS, elementary students engage in a learning environment that cultivates their he艺术s and minds. 我们通过:

  • 圣经世界观整合. Every p艺术 of our teaching philosophy is centered around God’s Word. We aim to equip elementary students with academic knowledge that unfolds through a biblical lens.
  • 品格教育. 每日圣经班, 每周的教堂, and teachers who model Christ-centered 价值s all cultivate our students’ spiritual and character growth.
  • 最佳班级规模. We have purposefully designed our classroom sizes to encourage teachers in understanding every student’s unique learning style while allowing room for elementary schoolers to socialize and form healthy friendships.
  • 领导和服务的机会. Your child can engage in mission opportunities in our local community — whether it’s through helping at the LCS RISE Urban Farm, 参与捐款活动, 或者与当地政府部门合作. Viking Friends is another excellent opportunity for teaching elementary students to learn biblical conflict resolution and serve as mentors for younger students.
  • 父母的参与. Families stay connected in our community through 在学校活动中做志愿者, being guest readers in class, assisting in the library, p艺术icipating in field trips, 和更多的.



“这对我们来说很简单. Our children attend LCS because we are confident that those leading and teaching our children share our faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and our desire to live a life that honors Christ and points others to Him. 在学术卓越的同时, 课外的机会, cq9游戏很重要, the bottom line is that those we allow to influence our children p艺术ner with us, 不教导任何违背我们信仰的事.”




小学生学习数学, 圣经, 科学, 社会研究, 语言艺术, and reading — all core subjects that provide a wealth of knowledge they need to thrive academically. We prioritize the development of reading and comprehension skills in elementary through a rigorous program that teaches the elements of language in one-on-one and group settings.


Every child is different, and so are their learning styles. We engage students by providing hands-on activities in lessons, 无论是通过一个科学项目, 小组讨论, or class presentations — elementary students thoroughly apply what they’ve learned.


Students learn about 科学 and innovation in and out of the classroom. 不同的学习, as well as clubs and activities such as robotics, 科学博览会, 乐高俱乐部, 以及虚拟演示, build interest and equip elementary students with 21st-century concepts to flourish in the modern world.


我们的社区丰富多彩. Our students enjoy school wide events such as athletic games and camps, 美术作品 , 夏令营, 和更多的. Your child will also engage in various weekly special area classes, 比如教堂, 蒸汽, 音乐, 艺术, 还有体育.


名称: 克里斯·卡布瑞拉
学位: 幼儿和基础教育
工作年限: 27年


“My favorite thing about teaching at cq9棋牌 is that I am able to pray with and for the students openly.”


“当老师让生活充满了乐趣! I can’t imagine my life had I not become a teacher. Creating lessons and working with the young ones is always a blast!”

名称: 黛比树桩
学位: 教育学学士
工作年限: 40年


“My favorite thing about teaching is working with kids and making learning fun. 我也喜欢教导神的话语!”


“教书很有意义. I have loved meeting and building relationships with many students and have enjoyed watching them grow!”

搜索ing for a private Christian elementary school in Lakeland, FLorida?

As you look for the right learning environment for your child, we’re glad you’re considering cq9棋牌. Explore the campus, preview our programs, and experience the Christ-centered culture for yourself. 我们等不及要见到你了!


问题? Please reach out to Julie Rice, our Director of Enrollment, at (863) 688-2771 or jrice@ytgk.net.